Understanding Lixirskin’s Night Switch Method

Created by skin expert Colette Haydon, Lixirskin focuses on acheiving great skin with as few products as neseccary. One of our favourite parts of the Lixirskin routine is their Night Switch program. This regime takes a targeted approach to repairing and replenishing your skin through a combination of pure active molecules combined with its Universal Emulsion.

This program contains four Night Switch molecules, each designed with a specific skin concern in mind and because skin usually has more than one concern that we would like to address these actives can be switched on alternate nights to provide targeted long term results. Designed to be used at night time, when our skin switches to repair mode, each active is to be used along with Universal Emulsion, that acts as serum base. The idea behind this approach is that rather than applying multiple actives/molecules all at once, you use one Night Switch molecule  for a period of time and then give your skin a rest before switching to another. Lixirskin belives that switching up your targeted molecules, stimulates the skin to get better results and after trialling this routine ourselves, we have to agree.
The targeted actives have been created to address three primary skin concerns:
  • Ageing Skin – that includes skin issues such as wrinkles, sagging and sun damage
  • Problem Skin – that includes skin issues such as dull skin, open pores and breakouts
  • Dehydrated Skin – that includes skin issues such as flakiness, dryness lines and irritation

So which Lixirskin Nightswitch Molecules Should I Use?

Once you have identified your skin concerns as above, you then choose your molecules below


Night Switch Essential Lipids

Lixirskin Ireland Essential Lipids Molecule

The Molecules for Dehydrated Skin

Night Switch Retinol 1%

Lixirskin Ireland Retinol 1% MyBeautyEdit

The only de-ageing molecule

Night Switch PHA/AHA 10%

Lixir Ireland Night Switch PHA AHA

The molecules to exfoliate

Night Switch BHA/AHA 10%

Lixirskin Ireland AHA BHA MyBeautyEdit

The molecules for problem skin

To make it easy to follow Lixirskin have created suggested program for each concern