About Us

Our philosophy is simple, product first, brand second. Our passion is beauty and wellness. We champion great brands that have been created by great people, people with a passion for what they do and create brands with a soul. We celebrate the art of beauty and how it touches each of our lives. We work to inform, discover, share and delight in some of the best products and experiences in our market. We showcase beauty, skincare and wellness products that we believe are worth talking about.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

All the products we sell on MyBeautyEdit.com are My Beauty Edit (MBE) Approved, meaning that our team of experts have personally tested and evaluated the product over a reasonable amount of time. To gain our approval a product must do as promised and deliver results. We put products through their paces and make personal notes on what to expect from / how to get the best of each product. We look beyond marketing hype.

MYBEAUTYEDIT.COM is founded by a collective of industry insiders, with over 35 years beauty and wellness experience between us. Individually, we have worked with international brands and retailers, developing, selling, formulating and marketing many beauty, skincare and wellness names that have become familiar with you. Some of them you will see on this site, others have long since passed into obscurity, such is the nature of our ever fickle industry. When it came to developing My Beauty Edit, a concept that has evolved in our minds over the past decade, we were clear that we wanted it to be a celebration, of beauty, of rituals, of wonder. Always about the endless possibilities and timeless products that make a difference to you, to me and to the world around us, but never about chasing a trend or telling you what you need “right now”, because freedom of choice and expression, is a form of beauty in itself.  We work to inform, to educate, to provoke thought and celebrate beauty as an act of self care and expression. We’re not big on beauty rules, in fact we’re not big on rules in general.  Our team is made up of experts in their fields, will advise and guide you in how to achieve your skincare, beauty or wellness goals. Join us on our journey.