• 35.00
      • 80ml
      • Deeply nourishing face mask rich in algae extracts
      • Instantly infuses skin with lasting hydration and calming nutrients that promote healing
      • Penetrates deep into skin to replenish essential minerals and vitamins that fortify and protect as natural floral water and botanicals provide purifying, calming and healing properties
      • Key Ingredients: Algae Extracts, Organic Everlasting Flower Water, Sandalwood & Salicornia Extracts
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    • 50.00
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    • 38.00
      • 328ml
      • Remineralising Body Scrub
      • Eucalyptus and stimulating aromatherapy essences are blended with mineral-rich sea salts to exfoliate, invigorate and remineralise the skin.
      • Leaves the skin feeling luxuriously soft, smooth and energised


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