• 40.00
      • 30ml
      • Tackles key skin aging concerns including loss of firmness, skin texture, fine lines, dull skin
      • A more skin tolerable Retinol/Retinoid alternative
      • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins
      • Suitable for use when pregnant or breastfeeding
      • Key Ingredients: Bakuchiol, Terminalia Cherbula, Cacay Oil
      • Vegan Friendly


    • Lixirskin Ireland Retinol 1% MyBeautyEdit
      • 15ml
      • To be used as part of the Night Switch regime
      • Retinol regulates the skin metabolism, to refine texture, control problem skin and reverse sun damage, and in the deeper layers
      • After one week, your skin is softer and smoother when you touch and more refined
      • Key Ingredient: Retinol
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      • 30ml
      • Oil serum for mature skin that combats the appearance of wrinkles and age spots
      • This deeply hydrating oil significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, leaving the complexion visibly younger-looking, smoother and brighter, yet being gentle to skin
      • Skin is hydrated, protected and strengthened
      • The appearance of wrinkles are reduced and skin tone evened
      • Key Ingredients: Bakuchiol, Cotton Seed Oil, Linseed Oil
      • Vegan Friendly